Conversations with the Crone

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An Unusual Guest

While in trance I often experience visits from people I have tranced with before…familiar characters if you will, but sometimes someone will enter that I’ve never talked to before. In this post I wanted to explore my conversations with the Crone. The Crone is the old woman aspect of a goddess triad who represents wisdom, repose, death, and endings; her two other aspects are the Maiden who represents inception, expansion, the promise of new beginnings, birth and youth and the Mother who represents ripeness, fertility, sexuality, nurturance, fulfillment, stability, power and life.

Goddess triads have been found throughout many cultures such as Africa, Asia and Medieval Christian Folk stories as well as in Greek, Norse, Celtic & Hindu Mythology. Sometimes she is three aspects of the same person and in other instances three separate persons that always appear together; her functions and personalities vary from culture to culture but I find meditating on the aspects of beginnings, fulfillments and endings to be of huge spiritual significance. These meditations connect me to nature, and as I find these aspects displayed everywhere in the world around me I am consistently reminded of the cycle of rebirth; all endings lead to new beginnings and all new beginnings travel through maturity and decline. Even so, of all the characters that one’s mind can face I beleive the Crone is one of the most unsettling, I did not meet her before I was ready…as the following trance excerpt displays:

I raised power into myself by becoming the tree of light and sat contentedly in the sand in a state of perfect alignment and peace. It wasn’t long before a figure dressed in robes with long flowing; silver-gray hair appeared beside me. I said, “Hello. Have we met before?” She said, “No.” and turned her face to me, “You were far more interested in meeting pretty boys than a hag whose face is death.” Staring at her closely I realized the deep truth of this. Her face was skeletal, yet it was also a void…my stomach wanted to turn but I stuck with it and continued to watch. To my surprise I actually felt comforted by her, I didn’t allow myself to fear and so the impulse of it gave way to a sense of awe and wonder. She sure would have been frightening not long ago; it was easy to see why I had not met her before now. “True,” I said. “I do love pretty boys.” “As do I,” she agreed with such appreciation that I was reminded of an old woman who was reliving the passions of her life…”but there is beauty beyond that form…and you miss much of it if you do not develop the eyes to see.”

“Why are you here?” I asked. “What do your feelings tell you?” she queried in return. “You represent endings…” I said, “But also new beginnings…you are the paradox of life.” “Very good.” She said. “You understand that I often signify a time of letting go…but I am also here to offer you a choice.” Before me appeared a path in the forest. We were standing before a “Y” on the path. Left and right looked very similar, the only difference was in how they felt. The right felt so incredibly wrong that I wanted to shrink away from it…and although I was standing still, it was as if the left was sucking me in. She did not offer much information about these paths…she simply said, “Do you know what choice you must make?” I responded, “Yes. I have to decide to make a commitment to my journey…or else go back to living as I was…but the time has passed for walking the line.” She nodded and before her sprung strands…they looked like spider webs. In her hands she held scissors. “When we make such a decision, old ways of life are cut from the vine; they die and shrivel like the fallen trees in the dark forest. In their wake…springs the new life you have chosen. Death, decay, loss always comes first.” “ I understand” I nodded. She continued, “This is not an easy path, for as soon as one walks it, they experience the shedding of the old skin, the regeneration of life…which feels like things are falling away, feels like loss, feels like death. That is the challenge of the choice…if one can see that and get through the discomfort, then their success is assured.”

“I have already made my choice.” I acknowledged, “Before you even asked. I knew last night that a dedication would be required of me. I searched myself and knew that I could not live life any other way. Come what may…going back is a far worse death…it is a living death that I can not endure.”

She nodded and the strands of her web began to shimmer and catch the light. “The path that you have chosen only allows for that which supports and stimulates your direction on it. That which drives you forward must continue, however, there are attachments that you hold,” she said. “That block the path and hold you to the old way. Will you relinquish them?” I saw materialize before me people and situations reflected in the strands. She asked in turn if I would relinquish them…some were easy choices, others were not. When I understood the choices and all the strands were cut she said. “I will ask you to relinquish no more. You must choose the path.” The clear choice was the path on the left, I made my choice and then the path disappeared and we were back on the beach. She touched my forehead and said…”this is the gift of sight for those who would see the mysteries.” And she pried open an eye that appeared beneath her fingers. Its vision was hazy…merely shadows. “You will see much in time.” She said and disappeared. I was glowing. I had a great deal of power running through me at this point. So I channeled the energy into a cone and released it into the clear sky, as my dedication to the path of spirit.

The Crone often appears when we are at a crossroads in our life…when things need to change or are already changing. She can help us see clearly what those changes entail. She is the wise-woman, the knower, the seer, the one who cavorts with death and is not afraid. Within her lies great power that we are often afraid to tap but I suggest getting to know this side of life a little better. I have found my conversations with the void to be of immense value ;)

  1. Vera Nadine

    This is fascinating.

    I once had Hecate come through while doing a crossroads meditation at dark moon.

    She was forceful and deep-voiced, almost raspy, and she did not mince words.

    Her words were harsh and yet strangely loving. The suggestions that came to mind for my development while she was speaking have been instrumental in the changes my spiritual life has undergone since then.

    All gifts are good gifts and hers was one of the best.

    Nice writing too Paula.

    Merry Meet,
    Vera Nadine

  2. Paula Kawal

    Vera Nadine…

    We have so much in common I think we must have been friends in a past life!
    To love Hecate is to be truly spiritual…

    Merry Meet,

    Paula Kawal


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