The Benefits of Conscious Trance

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What is a Trance?

A trance state is a form of expanded awareness; a window to the underlying energy currents that shape the universe. In Balinese the word for trance means ‘to become’. It is a place where you can view and become one with the energy that is surrounding you. This energy is fluid, and can in part be changed and affected by your participation. When you go into trance you become aware of this energy and it is processed into mental images for you. Learning to work with these images can show you where you are in the energy world, what energy you have created, what you’re currently emanating and where you need to place your focus. Using trance consciously just like conscious dreaming, can be a very useful for identifying areas you need to work on and for determining what is likely to come into your physical experience.

Trance as a Window to Your Dominant Thoughts

Anything you’ve put a lot of energy toward, whether you are aware of it or not…is likely to surface in your trance state. This makes trance a great window to whatever is on your mind whether you know you’ve been thinking about it, or it is just running in the background. It also gives you an opportunity to work on these thoughts in a different state of consciousness. I often find that the people I encounter in trance are able to give me clear insight to questions I have, an area in my life I’m working on, need direction for or to provide confirmation of a choice when your regular state of mind is assailed with doubts. Whenever I need to get clear on thoughts I’ve been experiencing, or ideas I’ve been exploring the trance state always provides me with a lucid platform in which I can see my own participation in all levels of my life.

An excerpt from one of my most recent trances:

He came up and it was like sharing a secret with a childhood friend. “Do you know what I represent to you?” He asked with a charming smile. “Yes”, I answered as a flood of very old images passed over me stretching back into my earliest memories…have I really known him this long some part of me wondered. “You are culture, respect, status, refinement, what others think.” He smiled again…”Yes.” “What is it that you really want?” He asked. “I want all of those things,” I said looking down at my fingers in the sand and then meeting his eyes again…”but not the way I used to. I want to do what is in my heart to do; I want to set my soul free. I want the heavens to move in accordance with my will…I want the abundance because I am being real and true and have something of real value to offer. Now all that status is just an after effect…a symbol of a much larger freedom. How do I get it?” I queried. His gaze went out to the waves and he said…”By being who you are and not what people tell you…you are. You are on the right track…I’ve never seen you so close. Don’t fall into the trap of viewing yourself through the eyes of others and you will make it. Always see the real you.” We sat next to each other on the beach…from a deep internal place I was aware of his heart beat and my own keeping time; both resounding to the beat of the waves in the background. As he prepared to leave, he gave me a fond glance and kissed me the way that some close friends do. Then he got up and walked off waving his hand with a smile.

I watched him disapear into the mist while leaning back on the beach, propped up on my elbows. As I turned my attention to the tide, a light started to glow from the center of my breast and my chest began to split apart. A being of light emerged; wind was in its hand, flowers erupted where it walked, the light of the sun beat from it…and then the waves came up and engulfed it somewhat dowsing its light. It fell to the sand and I ran to it, pulling it out of a tide pool whose water was thick like amniotic fluid. I held it close. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. A human like form that was all things I’d ever beheld yet none of them exactly. I could feel its chest move…water came out of its mouth and deep breathing followed. When it was warm enough and strong enough it opened its eyes, a soft beautiful light engulfed us and we merged into one form…I was reborn.

Closing Thoughts on Trance

This is but a segment of a trance that involved a teaching about love, abundance, finding who you really are and letting that real you come to the surface. For me, these experiences are amazing. They allow me clear answers to my questions, they show me what is really important to me and they teach me far more in a shorter period of time than my normal thinking state affords. Of course, it does not benefit you to spend all of your time in trance…it is definitely something that has value when used appropriately but can be distracting when used inappropriately. I use trance when my intuition tells me I should and for specific reasons, either to visualize something I want to bring into my life or to get clear on something that is already happening. There are many uses for trance but I personally feel it is important to be clear on why you are using the technique before you begin. I also keep detailed logs of all my dream and trance work so I can see how much what I discovered there helped me shape and transform my life.


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