Remember Where You Came From: Conversations with Erin Pavlina

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Erin Pavlina is one of those rare lightworkers who came into this world with a memory of where she was before she incarnated. With her grounded, straightforward, compassionate, loving and aware way of being, Erin brings a knowing into the psychic world that provides it with a sense of legitimacy.

Erin’s goals revolve around taking her understanding and insight into the worlds of energy and consciousness and using them to help human beings achieve universal love, awareness and peace. In the following interview Erin talks about her mission, developing her psychic ability and remembering where she came from

PK: What are some of the techniques that you found the most helpful for developing your psychic abilities (i.e. exercises to stretch your awareness, meditations, etc.)?

Erin: Consciously listening to my intuition was the first step. I actually practiced listening to my intuition. The more I did this, the stronger it became. It got to a point where my intuition was like a guide riding around on my shoulder warning me of danger or guiding me through tough situations. Once I mastered that type of communication, I did a guided meditation to find my higher self. Being able to talk to her directly allowed me to tune in to my purpose more easily. She helped me develop my “antenna,” so to speak, so that I could hear and see other helpers from the ether such as angels, spirit guides, and celestial beings. Once that door was opened it was just a matter of turning up the volume on my “psychic radio” and tuning to the right frequencies. I do a lot of work on my chakras, and I still visit with my higher self several days per week to see if she’s got any messages for me and to make sure I’m still on the right path. I always seek to stretch my awareness. Lucid dreaming and the occasional astral projection help me stay conscious.

PK: Where did you learn these techniques (i.e. who has influenced your development)?

Erin: In my teen years I used to read a lot of occult books. I was interested in astrology, psychic development, crystals, ghosts, past lives … pretty much anything in the New Age section. Shirley Maclaine’s Out on a Limb series did a lot for my interest in all things psychic. But I’ve always been very self motivated to learn, study, and understand the paranormal because I was having so many experiences as a child.

However, since becoming a professional psychic medium I’ve begun trying to study from more established people like John Edward, James Van Praagh, Gordon Smith, Doreen Virtue, and John Holland. I’ve learned a little something from reading each of their stories, but I’m also finding that my path is very unique. My guides train and teach me most of what I know. And I learn a lot just from experience and practice.

PK: I’ve heard psychics refer to their guides taking them through something similar to a spiritual training class. Please describe this process, how it starts and your personal ideas about initiating such training with your guides.

Erin: When I first began doing psychic work for others, not just myself, at first I was only hearing snippets of information, like a one-line message for people I was reading for. I was very clairaudient at that point, so I could hear spirit communication easily. But I told my guides I needed to be able to see, as well, so that I could accurately describe deceased family members coming through during a reading. They facilitated that, but I had to make sure I was open to it too. As I got going with the readings, my guides literally showed me how to tune in better. They took me up a celestial staircase that led to a White Room. I call it the White Room because it is just pure light in there. Inside is a special guide that helps me tune in specifically during readings. Occasionally my guides will inject a new technique or take me to a new place to do a reading; to connect at a higher level.

When I first started receiving communication from deceased relatives, they would come to me in my White Room. But I was unable to find them on my own; I had to wait for them to come to me. So I worked with my guides on finding a way to reach out to deceased relatives that had crossed over long ago and were not hovering. I still can’t force anyone to come through, but I’m able to “call long distance” now. :)

PK: Has your psychic ability been forged through the process of ‘remembering where you came from’?

Erin: Definitely. For many years I had this memory of where I was before I incarnated. I could remember the conversation I had with my guides and other wise beings about what I would do while incarnated. But during my whole life I thought that couldn’t possibly be a true memory. When I finally opened myself up to the idea that it could be is when I finally started to embrace the yearnings I had to help others. I didn’t know it would take the form of being a psychic medium, and I still consider this ability to be just one tool in my belt. My true mission is to help bring this planet back to a state of love, peace, and compassion; to remind us all that we are One, and that what we do to others we are really doing to ourselves. When you remember where you came from you remember who you are. You remember that we are all One. And you stop hurting others.

PK: How has this changed your life and what do you hope this remembrance will give to others?

Erin: I believe that if people remember where we all come from they will immediately stop harming each other and our planet. A great awakening and shift in consciousness will take place. And that’s what I’m here to help facilitate, as are many of the Lightworkers on this planet who are incarnated now.

PK: I view psychic ability as reading energy. My experience with it is that you tune in to your truth if experiencing your own energy or the truth of the energy of the person you are reading. This energy is translated into something that your spiritual senses can receive. People often ask if what is received can be proven or is true. My take is that truth is relative and that what is received is what is needed to help someone to move forward in a particular area of their life…their truth may not be another person’s truth…but the part of them that knows will look inward and they will see something that clicks with their path and where they want to go. What is your understanding of this concept?

Erin: When I tune in to someone’s higher self, guides, and angels, they pretty much just tell me what they most want my sitter to know. The very first thing I do in a reading is let the guides speak to my sitter. The message they share is so important to the overall well-being of my sitter. Usually the message connects very specifically with my sitter’s main reason for contacting me. But sometimes the message is something they were not expecting and they sometimes want to reject it. By the end of the reading, or maybe even a week or two later, they usually get the message. It’s life-changing! It’s like finding out the corridor you were following is going to lead to a dead end and having the opportunity to correct your course before you have to experience that dead end. I’ve had people tell me that their guides’ message helped them more than years of therapy ever did. Your guides know you. They can see what you’re doing and where you’re headed. And they can help you make course corrections. One reading can save you years of heartache.

As for proof and validation, when I am tuned in the guides will often provide my sitter with some profound validation that I am indeed speaking to a higher being. Recently during a reading someone asked, “What can you tell me about my health?” I immediately heard one word shouted at me: “thyroid.” So I asked her if she had a thyroid condition. She said, “God, you’re good! That’s my problem exactly. I have Grave’s disease.” Some people ask me, “How did you know?” To which I reply, “I didn’t. They did.” I only pass on what I hear.

I am honored and privileged to do this work. I am grateful every day to my higher self, guides and angels, and to Source for supporting and allowing me to help people on their paths. It fulfills an agreement I made before I incarnated, an agreement I take very seriously.

Erin Pavlina
“Remember Where You Came From”

I hope you enjoyed these conversations with Erin Pavlina. I encourage anyone who wants to open up to their own psychic abilities and/or god connections to book a reading with her and have blogged about my own experiences after having done so. On that note I’ll end this post with a message that came through when I connected with Erin’s guides to formulate the questions for this interview:

“Light and dark are two paths to the same place…learn to love them both equally. Embrace the darkness and love it, enjoy it as truly as you enjoy the light…do this and you will overcome fear…no dark place can hold any power in the light of love…a person who truly loves all is the source of their own light.”

  1. Tout Voyance

    L’influence des pierres précieuses et l’astrologie….

    Il est bien connu qu’à l’époque du premier christianisme plusieurs ?uvres d’auteurs anciens sur l’influence des pierres sur la santé et le destin de l’homme ont disparu (l’église croyait que c’étaient les résultats de la superstition païe…

  2. NA

    Hi Paula,

    Thank you. Finding your post with your conversation with Erin Pavlina couldn’t have come at a better time. And what a great name by the way. Paula Kawal. Nice.

    I have been searching a long time for more in-depth knowledge about the teaching of her.

    Thanks. :-)


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