Angels Speak

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Angels Speak

The Angels are giving me more and more information. They say that the world is in desperate need of healing and the call of every human being currently on the planet revolves around this in some way or form.

You may wonder how so many can work at this at one time but the angels say that numbers are necessary to turn the tide and restore the balance.

Each individual has a specific contribution that is unique to them alone, this provides a variance of avenues through which healing can come into the world and gives each and every one of us the opportunity to heal and be healed.

The ego looks at it like a competition, when in fact, it is the co-operative efforts of a cohesive system. Only those who are unconscious and view themselves as being outside of this system could see it as otherwise.

I trust those of you who read this blog do not fall into that category!

Angel Healing

The Angels have also explained to me their system of healing which utilizes the connection of our ethereal bodies to the angelic realm…they’ve been calling it “Angel Neurology”. They say that we are always connected to the angelic realm and the amount of healing they can send us is only limited by our blockages of negative energy and our intent.

The Angels say that their abilities are activated with our intent to receive aid, relief, guidance, etc. and that our thoughts will attract their energies to us at any time and any place we need them. They say that they are constantly responding to our intent for help and equally they are bound to listen when our intent is to be left alone.

They heal us at every opportunity which we allow and are most effective when they have a clear channel through which to operate.

Otherwise, we undo their work by holding low vibrational states of negativity, so they urge us to grow our consciousness so that we cease to pollute ourselves and the world around us…thereby laying the groundwork for lasting change.

Angels on Passion

Archangel Michael says that all passions are pathways to God. The idea behind this being that if you explore your passions and travel the road far enough…you will reach the core or center of your Being. It is learning to access this core that puts us at a vibrational match for receiving mandates from spirit.

So for those of you who really want to hear the voices of your own Angels and Guides…try checking out your passions…their purpose is to guide you home ;)

Image by Nova Pagina

  1. K-L


    This post gave me goosebumps – I only wish it had been longer! Angels and their role have been playing inside my head repeatedly in the last few months. Sometimes I wonder if we’re not angels who have chosen to take human form to experience material reality… and then forgotten who we are.

    I especially love the idea that all passions lead to God, and how you point out that ‘God’ is within each of us, the very core of our Being, where we all connect.

    So what are my passions? Writing, yoga, dancing…

  2. Astrid Lee, Reiki Master Teacher

    Hello Paula,
    Hello Readers,

    Oh so right you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been receiving A TON OF Angel prodding, and here we are: we now have We Are One World Healing, an initiative to connects all people in their pursuit of world healing, and managing the planet, nature and humanity in sustainable ways.

    Please do join in.

    World healing sessions are monthly, from wherever you are. How to participate and free registration is all on the blog:

    We just had a session yesterday. To get a glimpse of JUST HOW WONDERFUL participation can be, have a read of the comments to this post:


  3. Paula Kawal

    Hi K-L!

    Sounds as if Angels have been playing a role in the guidance and direction you have been receiving lately…we call them to gather around us when we think about them so I have the feeling they’ve been surrounding you with their presence ;)

    Some of my passions include writing, music, learning and experiencing…

    Hi Astrid,

    Ahhhh…healing the world has a nice sound. The Angels have been opening a channel in my heart to facilitate healing…I’ll write more about that soon!

    Much love to you both,


  4. Astrid Lee, Reiki Master Teacher

    Oh, that is just great!!!!
    Well, healing the world not only has a nice sound to it: it’s a wonderful way to facilitate healing as you say and quite honestly to be the expression of Spirit.

    When you join in a giant healing circle like We Are One, WORLD HEALING takes on NEW meaning.

    Do have a peek at the blog link that i gave you featuring world healing experiences and it will be loud and clear. World Healings are WOW for all senses, for all.

    NAMASTE, Astrid

  5. Vitor - The Fractal Forest

    Hi Paula,

    Passion has been playing a big part in my life lately, and it’s getting stronger every day. This post was one of those proverbial hammers for me, I’ll be commenting more about that on my blog at some later time.


  6. Paula Kawal

    Hi Vitor!

    It’s amazing what a large part of our lives that our passions play and how off balance we tend to get when we rationalize our way out of pursuing them as so many of us are taught to do.

    I’m excited for you and look forward to hearing more about how passion is presenting itself in your life!

    Much love,



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