Buidling a Conscious Connection to the Unconscious Mind

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Dream Attractions

Some of my most transformational experiences have been heralded by Spirit Animals and dreams. My first Spirit Animal was the wolf. When I was fifteen I dreamed of them constantly and then could not stop my mind from wandering back to my dreams. Like the tongue that endlessly explores the empty cavity of a lost tooth…every time my focus slipped and I became lost in thought, I was back with the wolves.

I was practically getting beat over the head with the message and finally one day while in the grocery store with my mother I found the next step. There on the wall where people post items for sale was an index card advertising Wolf-Hybrid pups for sale.

My mom said that they were too expensive so I pleaded with her to let me call and ask if the man would accept payments. She said he wouldn’t but consented to the call and guess what, he did. I took home a wolf-pup and about a week later my mom made me return it, afraid that it’s play would be too much for her toy Pomeranians. When we returned the pup to the breeder, he asked my mom out on a date and two weeks later they were married.

This was the beginning of a new life and an amazing adventure…

Messages in Dreams

Dreams still provide me with extremely strong guidance and I am aware that I travel astrally while I sleep to people who need my assistance. Upon awakening I know I’ve been with them, even though I don’t usually remember the content surrounding our night time activities.

With dreams, I find to uncover their meanings you have to understand the language of the unconscious mind. Those who are psychically inclined are usually very good at this because the same systems are in use in both places. Basically you will rely much more on how you feel and the images and events are strung together to communicate something very specific to your experience.

No dream book can help you in this respect because much of it is determined by how well you know yourself…this will define the meaning of what the images represent to you. The more emotionally honest you can be, the better you will be able to interpret the feeling systems that were engaged and the lessons or guidance that is being revealed.

Dreams always call our attention to areas of our lives that could use introspection, action, healing or some other form of growth. Sometimes they are a window into an upcoming experience, sometimes into our fears and insecurities, sometimes into our greatest hopes and life purposes but always they hold information that can be very transformational when used for growth.

Developing Muscle in the Land of the Unconscious

Several things are helpful for growing your skills with the unconscious mind.

Hold Information Loosely. If you take the endeavor too seriously you are likely to get in your own way. What I mean by this is that you want a meaning so badly that you miss it altogether. Developing a light touch helps enormously, allowing yourself to play with it, to be wrong, to learn, to make your best guess and then see what happens will get you further along with this.

Keep a Dream & Trance Journal. Keeping a journal of your dream and trance work is really helpful. First off, it helps you to remember the details of what you heard, saw, felt, smelled, tasted, etc. Notice also how it looked, was it grainy, clear, bright, big, were you overly large or small. Keep track of the details and of your initial impressions, gut feelings, what was most compelling about it and why you feel that way…i.e. what it reminds you of.

Keep a Daily Journal. Your daily journal is where you are likely to notice the dream work and waking world overlap. In writing a daily journal you will take your observing dream self into your waking world and through the writing about your experiences you are likely to notice situations that felt similar to things you experienced in dreams and trance, laying the ground work in your thinking for correlation and reference.

Elicit Symbolic Response. This is a really fun practice that will sharpen your skills significantly. It is a way of speaking to your unconscious and drawing out from it a symbolic representation of a concept. Start with some experience to which you would like a symbolic reference. Begin breathing deeply and find a really fun memory or high moment, allowing it to play out in your mind to the end.

Take a few more deep breaths and ask yourself for a symbol of what this experience means to you…some kind of metaphor and just wait for it to come up. You may hear a word, see a sign, get a fragrance or a taste or any combination of these modes. Write down what you got and play with recalling the symbol and see how it brings up all the feelings that were contained within your experience.

This is a great way to start building a two-way communication system with this most mysterious aspect of your own psyche! And it gets really fun when you figure out how to consciously harness the power of your unconscious mind and with it, begin to co-create your living experience ;)

Of course…a good coach helps with this as well!

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  1. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

    Wow!!! Another similarity between us. Wolves are one of my spirit totems. The two animals that come to me most of the time in my dreams though are tigers and snakes. My latest dream had a huge snake in it, like a boa or python, really big. Dreams with snakes are not my favorite and they don’t usually terrify me as they once did. I have always loved tigers and wolves.

  2. Andrea Hess | Empowe

    Great article, Paula! I have to say that since I started a very intense spiritual development course with Dr. Mitchell Gibson (check it out, http://www.tybro.com – NOT for the faint of heart!) I can sometimes only tell that I’ve been sleeping by looking at the clock. The lines between thought and dreams are very blurry, and my dreams are very vivid and lengthy.

    At the same time – I have almost NO idea how to interpret all my night-time activity. There’s just so much of it! Like you, I sometimes do healing work in my astral time (a friend actually told me she dreamed of me doing healing work on her) but it’s tough to sort all the rest of it out. Occasionally I’m mildly aware of being in school or training and learning something new – but I have no idea what.

    I’ve pretty much decided that I’m “downloading” what I need in my astral time and, as long as I’m open, the information will surface into my conscious state as needed. I’m always open to inspiration in my waking state, but am sometimes at a total loss as to how to interpret my dreams. This article of yours has renewed my interest in tapping into this level of interaction with the spiritual realm more consciously. Thank you!

  3. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

    Like Andrea, I spend a lot of classroom time in my dreams where I know when I wake up that is where I have been and I don’t usually remember what it was that I was learning. You also reminded me of an experience during my first trip to India that I will do a future article about. It is tried in with astral travel during my sleeping hours.

  4. Paula Kawal

    Hi Patricia!

    Somehow a wolf connection between us does not surprise me…also, snakes were often symbolic of the Goddess in ancient cultures as well as sacred sexual energy and regeneration (these are hard-coded mythic symbols within the human psyche that we all share). Your growing comfort with their presence in your dreams is an indication of the healing you’ve experienced within your own sexual nature :)

    Hi Andrea!

    That school sounds fascinating! I think he and I have downloaded similar information from the looks of their website. Sounds like fun! Like both you and Patricia, I receive a lot of information in “spiritual training” that can best be described as “downloading”. It’s similar to in the respect that until you open the file, you don’t know exactly what is contained within it.

    And it is also true that as you gain proficiency at walking in-between the worlds of waking, sleep and trance…the ultimate truth that they are all real starts to work it’s way into your experience and the lines that seemed so distinctive at first start to meld into one another until all you have is one cohesive experience!

    Thank you both for sharing your experiences with me…Andrea I’d like to talk to you in more detail about your class and Patricia…I can’t wait to read your article!

    Much love to you both!


  5. Joseph Campbell | Heroes of Healing

    [...] a magical animal, following unusual sounds, etc.  In my own life it has come through acting on dreams and following intuitive impulses that my spirit has given to me and sometimes I just got swept into [...]


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